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Wedding dress alterations
Postal Alterations at Home

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‘I need a simple way to alter my bridesmaids dresses from anywhere in the UK’

We know it's difficult to have your bridesmaids all together for fittings. We understand we all have different commitments to our time... so let us take this one for you. Stress free and simple. 

How to


  • Make sure to wear you bra if you are wearing one for the day

  • Pinch together excess at top of shoulder seam and pin together 

  • For spaghetti straps - pull excess to back of dress and pin down 

  • All directions in detail on accompanying PDF and Video 

How to


  • Pop on your dress and stand in front of the mirror

  • Assistant pinch together excess down sides and pin together - make sure to start at the waist first 

  • Spend some time in your dress, don't make it too tight as needs to be right for the day 

  • All directions in detail on accompanying PDF and Video 

How to


  • Pop on dress and shoes for the day 

  • Assistant pin safety pins around the dress where it hits the floor 

  • Make sure to pin the whole way around the dress on each of the layers 

  • All directions in detail on accompanying PDF and Video 

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Everything you need to know in
4 easy steps 

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Unsure on how to pin and need help?

Book A 15 Minute
Virtual Appointment

During this appointment, we will talk you through how to pin your dress if your unsure or a little worried about doing it. 

Our team of dedicated seamstresses are always available for questions. Your feedback is priceless to help us shape our services. Nothings a silly question! 

Alternatively please do call us on
01494 532100

Always happy to help 

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