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UK wide alterations service directly to your door. 

Fit your Bridesmaid

dresses around you.

'I need a simple way to alter my bridesmaids dress from anywhere in the UK'

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Everything you need to know in
4 easy steps 

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Shorten Hem 

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Unsure on how to pin and need help?

Book A 15 Minute
Virtual Appointment

During this appointment, we will talk you through how to pin your dress if your unsure or a little worried about doing it. 

Press Coverage 

What should you do with your wedding dress, post-big day? Consider upcycling


'What to do if you don’t like your bridesmaid dress'

16 May 2023
09 AUGUST 2023

Coming soon...


A Bride in Pronovias for her Colourful, Autumn, Country House Wedding in Somerse

06 AUGUST 2019
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