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Whether it is a broken zip, buttons or hole - please contact over to with photos of the repair, so we can discuss your options and how it can be fixed.


Please note the price for this alteration is the minumum cost and it can increase from here dependant on what needs to be done. 


  • Prior to sending your dress to us:

    - If you would wish to cancel your alterations with us before you have sent your dress, please contact us on and we will be able to offer part refund dependant on if we have sent your free fitting parcel to you or not.

    On receipt of your dress to our studios

    - We will email you when we receive your dress into our studios and will not touch your dress for 24 working hours after this. It is within this  window where you will be able to still cancel any alterations if you wish, but after this time the dresses will be worked on and cut. 

    Receiving your altered dresses

    - On your dresses return to you, we allow 4 working days for any comments to be sent over to us regarding the alterations. If we dont hear from you within this time we take this as confirmation of happiness with the alterations and all set for the big day! 

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