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All your questions answered , and we are always here to help! Please free free to contact us for any further information 


  • Do you offer alterations for Bridesmaids and wedding guests?
    Yes we do but we advise you to have these dress alterations booked in and done early. As we get into the summer season, our brides are our top priority and so you may find we have limited availability.
  • What underwear should I wear with my wedding dress?
    When we see you in your wedding dress we will be able to advice you on exactly what to wear. If you are struggling at all, the key things that we suggest you remember are: • Always go for a bigger size for your knickers. You want them to smooth out your figure and not create any lines. • Opt for nude, not white. You want to try to match your skin tone, not your wedding dress. • 99% of the time we advise against wearing Spanx or other types of shapewear. Sometimes these might work, but other times they distort your body shape and work against the natural shape of your wedding dress.
  • What should I bring to my first fitting?
    If you are planning to wear underwear with your wedding dress please bring it along. Most wedding dresses are designed to be worn without a bra, and we can also sew in extra support to help. Please don’t forget to bring your wedding shoes!
  • Can I bring any guests with me?
    You are welcome to bring guests with you to your appointments and we have two lovely fitting rooms that can accommodate everyone. However, in our experience, wedding dress fittings can be difficult for our brides if they bring too many people along. We advise you to limit your party to one or two people that you trust the most. Some of our brides prefer to come alone – it is entirely up to you.
  • What is the costs of wedding dress alterations?
    The Modiste bridal alteration experience averages around £350. This is if your wedding dress is being fitted to you on the bodice, the hem lifted and other classic tweaks (such as adding a bustle to help lift the train for the evening reception.) This also includes steaming your dress for the big day. Wedding dress alterations are all based on what needs to be done to your gown so this price can increase if you are wanting customized elements added to your gown. Your final estimated cost price will be given to you at your first fitting. We accept cash, debit or credit card.
  • How do alterations work if my body shape changes?
    Please don’t worry, we don’t finish anything off on your dress until around two weeks before your wedding. It is not a problem if your body shape changes before then. If there are any very drastic changes, we can alter our plans to suit the circumstances. Rest assured, everything will be explained, and dates will be organised at your first fitting.
  • When do I collect my wedding dress?
    Wedding dress collection is usually scheduled the week before your wedding. Your wedding gown will be freshly steamed, prepped, fully checked ready for your final try on. You will then take away your finished gown that same day ready for the big day.
  • What if my bridesmaid’s live all over the country?
    Not a problem at all. Our service is UK wide and each checkout is per location you need your parcel and dress posted too. For example- you have 2 bridesmaids in a location in London and 1 living in Oxford. Best solution would be to put through two sets of alterations on one order (going to London) and another order for the third bridesmaids’ alterations (going to oxford). The ladies would then receive all parcels (and the returned dresses) to those locations.
  • What is the lead time for alterations?
    Our lead time is 3 weeks from receiving your dress with us in the studio. This will mean if we receive your dress on day 1, it will be posted back to you by day 28 at the latest. If you need a quicker turn around, please call 01494 532100 before placing your order.
  • What happens if, when pinning, we decide we need additional alterations?
    Not a problem at all. Go ahead and pin what you need doing and when we receive your dress we will contact over for any outstanding payment before starting the dress(s)
  • What if I change my mind on something pinned after I have sent it over to you?
    On receiving your dress, you will receive an email from us within 24 working hours with confirmation of the work and the measurements pinned on the dress. We have a rule of not to cut anything on your dress within the first 24 hours of receiving so you have within that time to get hold of us if you would like anything different. If we don’t hear from you, we will take that as approval and we will continue with the alterations.
  • Is there any additional help I can get for pinning?
    Of course, we have put together very simple tutorial videos and step by step guides for pinning … but we also offer our zoom consultation option which you can use when pinning for us to look over what has been done give you any reassurance needed. Please follow the link here. ​ I would prefer to come to your studios for the bridesmaids’ dresses to be altered instead of doing it remotely. Can I make an appointment? Please do call us on 01494 532100 and we can look to book you in.
  • What if we haven’t got the bridesmaids shoes and we need to pin the length.
    We do always highly advise that your hems need to be marked with the wedding day shoes on – but we understand this is not always possible. We do advise to always wear a shoe with a similar as possible height to the actual shoes. Once pinned we will be working exactly to this marker so make sure you are happy with how that would sit.
  • Hem – can I just send a measurement of how much I would like the dress taken up too the whole way around?
    Please do contact us on 01494 532100 if you would like to work this way instead and we can advise. We will just highly warn that, from our multiple years of experience, it is very common that the original hem is not straight when the dress is on …. And so taking up the whole way to one length can also come out unlevel.
  • Can I send over my bridesmaids’ measurements instead of pinning them in the dress.
    Please do contact us on 01494 532100 if you would like to work this way and we can discuss.
  • What if I change my mind
    Not a problem! Your first payment is purely a deposit for us to design for you. If you choose not to go ahead then we can refund this too you and you dont need to send us your dress. If you dress arrives with us in the studios we will take this as confirmation to proceed.
  • I don't know what size to choose?
    Don't worry. This can all be discussed with your seamstress before we proceed and we also have samples to try on if you would like to check.
  • What if I don't want to cut my dress?
    No problem at all We can use as much or as little of your dress as you would like ... And also none at all. We created The Modify Movement to tackle sustainability which also includes all the extra materials we have left over in the studio. We can match to your dress for our products so that you can still relive your dress forever.
  • I want to copy an old dress but I only have photos.
    We can work from photos to create a miniature... we might just run the design past you to check you are happy with how we have visualised it.
  • I would love to place an order but I really cant decide on which option to go for.
    No problem. We like to offer an online shop to help with easy ordering but you are also welcome to contact us directly to discuss designs and we can craft something bespoke for you.
  • Do your robes and slips come in any different colour options.
    Yes we can get this sorted for you. Best to place through an order in ivory but in additional notes advise what sort of colour you are looking for and we can consult our colour charts.
  • How will the design consultation work?
    On ordering you details we get directed over to you own seamstress who will start designing up for you. We might ask for some additional information or pictures of your dress, but after that we will invite you to either Join us on a zoom call Join us on a phone call If easier for you, we are happy to put all information over in an email for you to then review before proceeding with your order.


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Here at The Modiste, we are dedicated to quality dress making and truly valuing our clothes forever. We are the ladies always with a needle and thread in our hands … and a spare button just in case! We believe in mending, fixing, and making sure our clothes fit so we can feel our best wearing them every time. We will bring back the slow fashion of cherishing clothing with our Little Black Box being our signature. For your thread, needles, buttons, however you wish to use yours – we will get the nation sewing again, one Little Black Box at a time.


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Our Little Black Box being our signature. For your thread, needles, buttons, however you wish to use yours – we will get the nation sewing again, one Little Black Box at a time.

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