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The Modify Experience. 

Whether its a luxury new-born gown, or a beautiful silk robe, we cant wait to get started on transferring your dress, or offcuts, into lasting treasures. Please see below step by step guide: 

1. Explore our collections.  

2. On deposit check out, your own seamstress will be in touch to discuss your bespoke designs. Whether this is from using your dress, your off cuts,  making someone dear to you a miniature of their dress... possibilities are endless. 

3. Deliver your dress to us or we can send over your own dress courier using our 'Dress Postage Box'.

4. After your treasures have been returned we can either fix your dress to  make it whole, or keep materials in our library for any future orders. 

Please note the costs below for slips, robes, miniatures and children's gowns are a deposit cost. 

Next steps:


Don't forget to add your dress box if you haven't already 

Begin your process 

Dress postage box 

Safely send us your wedding dress.

If unable to visit The Modiste to drop your wedding dress to our studio, we can send out a  secure, waterproof shipping box designed to fit your wedding dress! This will include Instructions on how to prep & return your dress and a prepaid shipping label to send back your Dress Postage Box. 


Please Note- this price does not include a Dress Postage Box to keep. We ask that you return your dress within 10 days of receipt.

Drop your wedding dress to our studio.  Address: 39 Queens Road, High Wycombe, HP13 6AQ. Please contact us if you would like to pick this option.



Please upload an image  or link of your dress. This will help us see your dress & detailing  we require from the gown the create your new modification.
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