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Mother of the Bride (or Groom) dressmaking just for you.

10 / 11 / 23
Fabrics from James hare, Hair & Makeup done by 'Jennifer and Sherri, Shoot photographer Alex James. Shoot house location 'My Georgian Home'. Head Pieces created by Ellie Vandenbrekel Millinery

Having a dress made especially for you is often described as a bespoke dress.

Here at The Modiste, we understand how difficult it can be to find the right outfit off the peg that is the right style…. let alone it be in the right fabric and colour as well! We create a unique outfits made especially for you. Our designs can be completely tailored to suits your skin tones whilst still co-ordinating with the rest of the bridal party.


A bespoke dress will ensure that nobody else at your event is wearing the same outfit, and the garment can reflect your individual style and preferences rather than current fashion trends.


Enjoy a dress without a dress size label!

Having a dress or outfit made by The Modiste is an experience which is completely different from shopping online or on the high street. Bespoke means your dress size is no longer a factor.


The process of creating your bespoke dress is all about making you feel confident in the final garment and ensure you look your best. The seamstresses at The Modiste will create your outfit with understanding and experience – remember, your dressmaker will have your best interests at heart, trust in their expertise, the process and the result can be an item of clothing which you’ll cherish.


What is the process of unique dressmaking?

During your first consultation we will discuss your ideas before inviting you to try on some toiles. A toile is a cotton sample garment, it helps us to see what cut of the fabric makes you feel good and creates the silhouette that you want to achieve. We will show you some options of fabrics and discuss your perfect colours.

After your consultation, your dressmaker will email your design to you so that you can take your time to consider the details. You will then be provided with an idea of the final cost.

Take it step by step and enjoy the process (all with a lovely glass of prosecco.) In your future fittings we will perfect the fit of the outfit before moving on to the fun parts like deciding on beading and lace which will really make your outfit unique. 

Fabrics from  James Hare 

How long a Mother of the Bride dress take to make?

You can look forward to around 4 lovely appointments for your perfect bespoke outfit. These fitting will also allow time for you to decide on the final touches that make your outfit unique and really special to you.


Please do make sure to contact The Modiste as soon as you know you would like to look into bespoke. We ideally start the process around 5 months before your wedding, but tighter turn arounds can be possible. Extra time is often required for hand-beading of the fabric or lace, which of course will only be done after you have approved samples and seen the quality of the seamstress’s work.  

The final fittings will always be in the last few months/weeks before the wedding or event.


How much does a Mother of the Bride dress cost?

It is important to be upfront with your seamstress of any budget as they will work with you to keep to this. It is a good idea to work out what is important to you when it comes to fabric choices as this will affect the final cost of your dress. For example, do you want 100% silk in every layer, or could the linings be polyester?  Also take into consideration what design choices mean paying more for your seamstresses’ time – for example beading by hand is a fine art and therefore more time consuming and more expensive. If you want a beaded dress but are looking to keep costs down, then your dressmaker can help suggest a pre-beaded alterative instead.

At The Modiste, our bespoke formal guest outfits average around £800 which will include all of your appointments, no hidden extra costs and fitting your outfit perfectly to you. We will take care of everything all up to steaming your outfit for the day.

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