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What to do with your wedding dress after your wedding.

26 / 12 / 23

The I do’s have been said, the toasts have been made and all your guests have somehow found their way home. What now? How can you treasure every moment and re-live it as often as possible? You may want to think about – What to do with your wedding dress after the wedding?


How shall I look after my wedding dress?

The very first thing is to prep your dress. It is super important to clean your dress as soon as possible after the wedding as some stains can worsen over time. The Modiste are more than happy to organise this for you with our recommended wedding dress cleaning specialists and then fix wherever is needed if your dress might have been put through its paces on the dance floor! We offer to box your dress all up in beautiful premium wedding boxes with acid free tissue to keep your dress safe and sound.

Unique ideas of how to re-love my wedding dress.

But we believe your dress should be loved and treasured forever. Therefore in 2023 The Modiste launched our ‘modify movement’ to allow wedding dresses to be re-loved forever and not be hidden away. They are too beautiful for that!

Maybe, like the beautiful THEMONICAWAY you’re looking for something for you? The Modiste have created our ‘Noir’ range of exquisite pure mulberry silk robes and slips which can be all adorned with your lace or trims from your wedding dress for an anniversary or just to feel amazing! And the best part…. Your detail can be delicately hand unpicked from your dress, or even just using the offcuts, and leave your dress still perfect to keep forever. It’s the best of both worlds.


Make sure to have a watch of Monica's journey to her stunning silk robe adorned with feathers from her Emma Beaumont wedding dress.


Or maybe you would like something for them? It’s a tradition spanning back many years of making beautiful christening dresses from a wedding dress to become a family heirloom. Whether it’s a very classic style you are looking for or maybe more of a modern twist like newborn dungarees, it is such a lovely way to see your wedding materials re-loved forever. These can be made from as little as a part of your wedding dress train therefore your dress can be re-hemed and kept forever as well.


And finally, what about something forever. (this is our favourite) This could be a delicate Christmas bauble or our wedding dress miniatures!


What’s a miniature we here you ask? Quite simply it’s a 70cm tall replica of your wedding dress ….and they are adorable!!  We had the pleasure of making the stunning LEANORA SMEE her very own miniature of her Susan Neville wedding dress and it is so beautiful to watch her reaction!  

The Modiste miniature can be used from offcuts, a small part of your dress or even just materials we have in our studio as was the case with Monica's miniature as well.


Whether purchasing one for yourself, your partner or even for a relative for their wedding anniversary, its truly a way to keep your wedding dress alive forever.

Screenshot 2023-11-23 151125.png

Rewearing my wedding dress.

It is so sad to hear that wedding dresses are one of the most unsustainable parts to the fashion industry. The Modiste are on a ‘modify movement’ to change this for generations to come. They need to be reloved again.  


Whether its by remaking or what about redesigning?


Here at The Modiste we welcome brides to redesign their dresses to be reworn again. It might be changed into a jumpsuit, a cocktail dress ……or even dying it to a new colour for a completely different look. These unique designs are all personal to each bride and such a pleasure to work on.


Why not follow Alex's journey of re-loving her grandmothers dress into a new design for her to love forever. The possibilities are truly endless and so special.


Repose my wedding dress

So lets not let our beautiful dresses sit under the bed ladies, its time for them to be loved forever in your own unique way. We look forward to welcoming you to The Modistes Modify Movement.

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