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Cost of wedding dress alterations.

23 / 10 / 23

Searching for your perfect dress is such a beautiful moment! It can be the start of all the exciting events leading up to you big day but it can also be slightly overwhelming with all the extras you might not have thought of. But let us help unravel the cost of wedding dress alterations for you.

Why does my wedding dress need to be altered to fit?

Unless you have a 'bespoke' made dress to you, nearly all wedding dresses will need to be altered to fit you correctly. This is due to the fact that dresses are mostly made to one dress size (for instance a dress size 12) and this is based on your Hips, Waist and Bust measurements. Your bridal shop will run through this with you.


But when it comes to fitting you perfectly there is much more to look at. Your height, where your waist sits… but this is how your achieve the real perfect fit! We take ‘the’ dress and fit to to you perfectly to become ‘your’ dress.

How are alterations costs worked out.

Here at The Modiste, we base our alterations costs on what is needing to be done to your dress, and how complex your dress is, rather than having a set alteration cost per dress. If you just require your hem length being done your cost will be a lot cheaper than a bride who might need far more complex changes.


In your first fitting your dress will be completely pinned to you and we will be able to advise your cost price. This is a free quotation and there is no obligation for you to use our services at this point, from this we can start working on your dress.

What if I change weight in the lead up to my wedding.

First things first, you do not need to change your weight at all. You partner loves you for you... however, we want to advise on this as we are asked it so often.


Here at The Modiste we work our alterations process so that if you do change weight before your wedding, it won’t effect the cost price. We do this by not completely finishing off the dress seams for your final fitting - which is around 3 weeks before your wedding. All the material will still be in the inside and not cut so that we can still alter the fit without any additional cost to you.


 The only time the cost would alter is if any additional changes need to be made to what has been done already. If you decided you would like sleeves adding, for instance, or buttons down the back of your dress that wasn't originally discussed, this would change your cost. 


At your last fitting we will advise you that we will now ‘finish your dress off.’ It is at this point we need you to try to stay the same size. This is around 3 weeks before your wedding and … lets face it ladies… its time to be enjoying yourself!

How much is the average cost for alterations.

On average, we say to our brides the cost of altering a wedding dress to fit tends to come in around £350. It can vary from this depending on the complexity of your dress and also if you wanted any design changes. For further information on design changes please do see our next blog posts.


If you needed hardly any changes the cost can go down to even around the £100 mark.


If you cost in around £350 you won’t go far wrong and all costs will be explained at your first fit so there wont be any hidden surprises. You are in safe hands.


Ours costs include a level of insurance, all your fittings and steaming your dress for your big day! 

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