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Bridal alterations for pregnant brides

23 / 02 / 24
Written by Cathy Mizen

Here at The Modiste, we like to think that we have seen most things when it comes to weddings. We conduct alterations for over 700 brides every year – so I hope you can trust me when I say that there is no 'typical' bride. We ladies come in all shapes and sizes, and we love you for that! There is absolutely no need to change your body for your wedding day – however sometimes our bodies have different plans, and we find ourselves changing (and blossoming) in a way we cannot control!


Pregnancy and wedding planning can be very stressful times – and when they happen to be at the same time then my top tip for you would be to learn to delegate and relieve the stress in whichever way you can. We’ll take charge of the dress – you focus on looking after yourself.


We will see you for dress alterations right up to the date of the wedding to let your body change and we’ll adapt.

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Wedding dresses for pregnant brides

When dress shopping whilst pregnant, don’t limit yourself to the maternity section of boutiques or online retailers. You have the right to feel exactly how you want to on your wedding day no matter how big ‘bump’ is.


Whilst shopping, firstly, tell your boutique! They can be subtle if the rest of your bridal party don’t know yet, and they will help find the perfect dress for you. Secondly, and the important thing for us seamstresses, is that we have plenty of fabric to play with. Ask for extra length on the hem and if you’re in the early stages of pregnancy and the wedding isn’t for a while, buy a dress a few sizes up. At The Modiste, there is no limit on how much we can take in dresses.

Altering a dress that’s too small.

If you are buying a dress off-the-peg, or you have already chosen the dress before you knew you were pregnant, then you still have lots of options. We have often added more space into dresses such as the side seams for example, as we can match most fabrics and merge additional elements in with lace. Another option is to change the back of the dress to a corset, as this will also allow you to have flexibility throughout the day if you find your body fluctuates. We often also change the waistline of the dress, so that it sits above your bump – this is super flattering and comfortable too so a massive win! There really are so many options, you shouldn’t feel limited with your choices.


When do you alter a wedding dress for a pregnant bride?

We normally still look to see you for an initial appointment as soon as we can but see this more as a consultation then a fitting. We probably won’t touch your dress till around 3 weeks before your wedding, but it’s just so we can discuss and agree a plan. 


When you come to see us, you will need to bring your shoes with you to every appointment. You should also make sure you have eaten before arriving at The Modiste. A good breakfast isn’t going to change how the dress fits you – hopefully you will be doing the same on the morning of the big day itself! Your fitting will last about 45 minutes and we do ask you to stand in your dress for most of this time. It is not unheard of for pregnant brides to feel a bit wobbly during this time so keep telling us how you are feeling and drink water!


Most of the work will be done around 2 weeks before your wedding date and we will see you in the dress at your collection appointment a couple of days before the wedding date. We always have seamstresses on hand to make last minute alterations during your collection appointment so if necessary, we might ask you to pop away for a (decaf... oh the joys of being pregnant!) coffee whilst we finish up and make the last changes.

Altering wedding dresses after the

Something we get asked all the time and it’s a perfect opportunity to create a dress which you can love to wear after your baby has been born. As with everything at The Modiste – there are just too many options to list! But just imagine re-wearing your own modified wedding dress at your child’s Christening or naming celebration! Matching outfits for mum and baby can be made from off-cuts and we can even make matching ties and pocket squares so the whole family is included!!


So, enjoy the process of planning your perfect day, cherish the little moments and trust us to make your dress perfect for you.

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